Our July Meeting.

Our July meeting report from our Chairman: Den Bray

Once again a good evenings event Tom Kerry (once he had overcome the elecktrickry glitch ) gave a interesting presentation on the drugs that we are given to combat the beast …….we welcome the advances in medicine & Toms explanation of preparation of the doses was some thing we hadnt got a clue about the prep is done in sterile conditions in fume cupboards and is a bit more involved than unscrewing the cap from a couple of calpol bottles and shaking we know that the dose is tailored to our blood condition our weight the condition of kidney and liver function— Some of the cost of the basic medicine were eye watering Abiraterone for instance in the region of £ 1500 others in excess of that which is why Nice keeps a tight grip on the purse strings , Using criteria such as is it value for money does it give the patient a significant benefit increased life span or is it “only” a few months —–Damn it what ever ———I want those few extra months …….we welcomed the three stooges from Barrow and a Missionary from the kendal group along with a a literary chap by the name of Shakespeare ( I

thought he might have heard all the bard of avon jokes and question as to why his ancestor had left anne hathaway his second best bed so didnt go into that )

he is about to start on the radio therapy treatment pathway so hopefully gained something from the group


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