Welcome to The Bay Prostate Cancer Support Group

Our group was formed by prostate cancer sufferers not medical professionals in response to the need for support by patients, wives, partners and friends.  That was in 2003 and we have given that support in many forms ever since.

We’re all very shocked when we get the initial diagnosis but meeting members of our group will help you to realise that we all have a positive outlook and lead a full life.  In addition, you will find in our group, members in various stages and varieties of treatment who are prepared to share their experiences.  Many joining us find it helpful to hear these experiences (in private if necessary) to ease their concerns about their own treatment plans.

Cheque presentation

Presenting cheques to CancerCare and Rosemere foundation CEOs

We hold regular meetings to keep members informed about prostate cancer, its treatment, research projects and related matters with speakers who are highly experienced and knowledgeable medical professionals.  We also have speakers on topics of general interest.  You will have the chance to speak to all of these presenters

Come along to our meetings to find out more for yourself and feel free to bring your wife, partner or friend.  You’re all welcome, but until you join us, read more of our website for a variety of useful information about us, prostate cancer and related matters as well as associated organisations.

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News updates!

  • April 2017 – Meeting report

At our meeting on Tuesday 11th April, Sue Thompson, the CEO of Rosemere Foundation enlightened us on the developments going on to improve and extend their service. She also reminded us of the huge cost this would incur(£1.5m) hence their 20th Anniversary appeal.

The main part of the development is the state of the art da Vinci robotic surgical machine. It will be installed on the 24th of April followed by a training period for the surgeon operators before going live within the next 4 months. The Rosemere Cancer Centre is one of the leading cancer treatment clinics in UK and it has a greater throughput than the Christie’s in Manchester. We are lucky to have the Rosemere service in our area so watch out for opportunities to contribute to their funding efforts. If you can, make it a donation via Gift Aid as this enhances the value to Rosemere.

  • Thursday 27th October was an important date for The Bay Prostate Cancer Support Group. We helped organise a roadshow with Cancer Research UK promoting understanding of prostate cancer and developments in the field of treatment of the condition. 36 people attended, several from our group but some from the general public who had seen our advertising or had heard the radio promotion.

Dr. Birtle, Consultant Oncologist from the RLI and Rosemere spoke fluently and informatively about the results of the most important clinical trials, Stampede and CHHIP. These titles are acronyms for much longer medical expressions. Stampede is concerned with developments in the field of chemical treatments such as hormone therapy and chemotherapy such as docetaxel, amongst others. CHHIP is concerned with investigating varying the dose strength, duration and frequency of radiotherapy treatment and the resulting side effects.

Which of these processes is applicable to the individual depends upon the consultant’s assessment of that individual’s situation.

Dr. Birtle presented data to show how clinical trials had shown up how patients were benefiting from these research projects in terms of life expectancy and quality of life. She also presented data to show how survival of prostate cancer patients had improved since 1990.